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Holyhead (Anglesey) - Port Information

A great place for cruise excursions, day trips, and shore days.

The port of Holyhead has been a busy ferry port since the huge breakwater was built in the 19th century. Ferries sail daily to Dublin and the port is the main link for surface transport from England and Wales to Ireland. The town's sea heritage is remembered in a maritime museum. Cruise ships are now arriving in increasing numbers and the jetty in the harbour where you will disembark once carried raw materials from Jamaica and Australia for the old aluminium smelter that once dominated the town. The plant relied for its electricity supply on a nuclear power station at Wylfa, which is still operating.

Holyhead has a population of 16,000 and is located on Holy Island which is connected to the main island of Anglesey by means of a causeway. The town centre is built around St Cybi's church which sits inside an old Roman fort, the walls of which still remain. The mountain behind Holyhead has settlements dating from prehistoric times with circular huts, burial chambers and standing stones. There is a lighthouse at South Stack on the other side of Holyhead mountain.

The town welcomes cruise ship visitors who can walk there directly from they are dropped off by the shuttle bus. Street entertainments will be on offer and there is a land train which will take you to a local country park. However, if you want to make the most of your visit then we recommend that you look carefully at the tours that we have on offer. These will be provided by local businesses, people who have lived on Anglesey for most of their lives and who know the wonderful places that you can visit on your day on the island.

Cruise Excursions Holyhead (Anglesey)

There are no tours available at this port yet.